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Residential & Commercial Exterior Painting

exterior painting houston txA lot of work goes into exterior painting for homes and commercial properties, and a critical step in the process is planning and color selection. Few people realize the level of importance involved with selecting the right exterior paint color, until they see the new color in place. The outside of your home or business is what makes the first impression, make it a point to choose a color that will make a positive one. At John McDonald Painting, we are experts in the world of color consultation, as well as actual craftsmanship.

This is because we have been working together with local clients since 1981 and know what it takes to provide our clients with total satisfaction. This is not something that you can do if the customer is not happy with the final look, even if that means the color and not the actual labor. When you hire us for your painting work, it is about partnering together to get the job done, not simply executing the task at hand.

Don't overlook the importance of getting professional exterior painting taken care of for your commercial space, as well. This can be the difference between luring in new clients and losing them to your competition. Let this family owned and operated business provide you with the level of quality service that will help make a difference for your home or business. Give us a call today, and let us prove to you why we are the top local painter in the Houston area.

Local Pros Offer Superior Results for Exterior Painting in Houston

Every few years, you owe it to yourself, and your home, to spruce up your exterior paint. Even if you opt for the same color, this will help freshen up the look. Here are a few examples of mistakes to avoid, when it comes to your exterior color:

  • It is important to have a color scheme for the exterior of your home, just the same way that it is for the interior. Not having a plan and trying color samples ahead of time is a surefire way to end up not liking the final results.
  • For the sake of cohesiveness, it is important to take neighboring homes into consideration. Of course, don't choose based solely on this since any of your neighbors may suddenly decide to buck the system and choose a wild color. However, if you are the one making that crazy color choice, keep in mind it will make the whole area look a bit off.

If you need exterior commercial or house painting services, give our team of professional painting contractors a call today. We'd be happy to guide you through the process and offer our expert advice on color selection based on your preferences and property needs.

Skilled Exterior Painting Techniques For Your Home or Business

John McDonald Painting is the top choice for exterior painting work, for both residential and commercial clients. We look forward to having the opportunity to partner with you and provide you with the level of individual care and service that you need. Quality should always count, when it comes to your home or business, so call us today to get the very best.

If you are looking for a Houston Painter then please call 713-927-6682 or complete our online request form.

Photos of Our Exterior Painting Work

If you would like an estimate for residential or commercial exterior painting, please call the painters at John McDonald Painting at 713-927-6682 or complete our online request form.

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