New Construction Interior Repaint In Katy, Texas


We were referred to these customers from previous clients. This is a brand new home that came with the Stark Builders white on the walls. Our initial consultation was performed on site to try and choose colors, quality, and quantity of paints to be used. After looking at the color deck for quite some time, the customer was still torn between three different shades of grey for the walls, so we offered to apply three sample colors for them so that they could see the colors in the natural light of the house and on the walls they would be applied to. After returning from the paint store we applied the sample colors to the walls in the areas that the customer chose and asked them to look at them for at least 24 hours before making a decision, explaining that the light changes at different times of the day so the color will appear different as well. A day later we were contacted with the chosen colors and set a date to proceed with the entire interior repaint. The paints chosen were all ultra-premium Sherwin-Williams Emerald satin for the walls, and Sherwin-Williams Pro classic gloss for the trim. The job proceeded on time, on schedule, and on budget; we have a happy customer and they have a beautiful home that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Project Photos for the New Construction Interior Repaint In Katy, Texas

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